Fat Loss Problem Solved: The Fitbit Alta Solution

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In order to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals, you need to track and document your progress and workouts. Get a Fitbit Alta at NO COST by simply entering your email here

Fitbit has come a long way since it began manufacturing wearable tech. The company has made many fitness trackers, but none of them has the appeal of the Alta. The Alta, a bundle of fitness tracking and carefree elegance, comes with a design that is gentle enough for the feminine wrist, and not too simple for a masculine arm.

Its simple unisex design coupled with the dynamic community on the Fitbit app makes it a perfect choice for busy people who want to infuse their workouts into their daily routine. The Fitbit Alta measures your steps, distance, active time, sleep, and calories. Come with us as we x-ray the features and benefits of the Alta.

Fitbit Alta Features

Like any fitness tracker worth its name, the Alta comes with a three-axis accelerometer that tracks the steps, distance, and active time of the wearer as well as the number of calories burned during those activities. It also sports Fitbit’s SmartTrack tech which provides autodetection of specific activities such as detecting your sleep time to record the number of hours you slept, your restlessness and when you woke up from sleep.

It also comes with an OLED screen that shows you stats of your performance so that you can get up your game if you are not doing enough to meet your target.  To check the stats, just tap on the screen, and you will see the figures. A watch comes handy, and all you have to do is turn your wrist, and the screen lights up.

alta fitness wrist band productFitbit Alta Design

The Alta features a slim, aesthetically advanced design that sits comfortably on any size of wrist. It doesn’t matter if you are thin or fat, the removable rubber band secures the tracker comfortably on your wrist. The 128X36-pixel 1.4 inch OLED screen is bright and provides stats of your physical activities, and displays notifications.

You can swap the band for sportier leather and stainless steel options whenever you need to attend a function where the rubber band won’t be acceptable. The tracker fits easily on the wrist and doesn’t get in the way of clothing or anything else. In fact, you may even forget it is on your wrists, if not for the notifications. The Alta is resistant to water splashes, sweat, and rainwater.


Fitbit Alta offers call, text, and calendar notifications with a gentle vibration. You also receive an hourly notification reminding you to move and a 250 step mini goal. Whenever you complete a task, the Alta vibrates like it’s in a frenzy and puts up a fireworks display on the screen.

Fitbit App

The Fitbit app allows you to sync the Alta with your Android or Apple device. In the app, you can set fitness goals, check your performance on a weekly or daily basis, check the number of calories you burn each day and many other fitness metrics.

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The app also provides a community where you can discuss and interact with others, encouraging yourselves, providing motivation, and learning to be accountable to each other. The app is one of the highest selling points of the Alta as it creates a community where you can give support and be supported, share

your progress with others and inspire them to greater fitness levels and improved health and happiness.


The Fitbit Alta can deliver up to five days of performance on a single charge, according to the company. But you can get more than five days, in fact up to 8 days or more. What you get out of the battery will depend on the usage.

If your notifications are turned on every time, you might not get as much life out of the battery. The Alta comes with a proprietary magnetic charger which connects to a charging module below the panel of the tracker.

The Fitbit Alta is a valuable tracker that is worth more than its price. It gives you a fitness tracker, wristwatch, and piece of jewelry in one product. Plus the long-lasting battery and versatile community of fitness enthusiasts on the app. You can’t go wrong on the Fitbit Alta. It delivers in a classy style you are going to love.

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