Step Up Your Workout With The Fitbit Ionic

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Read this Amazon five star review about the Fitbit Ionic:

I labored over the decision to get a Fitbit Ionic or an Apple Watch. I even borrowed borrowed my wife’s Apple Watch for 2 weeks. Ultimately I realized that the software experience around fitness for the Apple Watch is severely lacking. You’ll love the Ionic if you’re a runner, swimmer or generally enjoy tracking your fitness closely. This includes activity, GPS, heart rate and sleep.


Also, the sleep tracking is something the Apple Watch will never be able to offer because of battery considerations.


So far I love my Ionic. I’m really hoping Fitbit can successfully replicate the awesome app ecosystem that Pebble created prior to being acquired by Fitbit.

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The Ionic, Fitbit’s first smartwatch, is a bundle of cutting-edge sensors and everyday functionality. Fitbit has made a name for itself in the activity and fitness tracking industry, and it has succeeded in making a huge entry into the smartwatch niche. The Ionic comes with fitness tracking, health monitoring, GPS, water resistance, and so many other benefits.

Look and Design

The Ionic is lightweight and slim, with a curved underside which sits comfortably on the wrist. The watch is available in three different body and strap colors, and you can also swap the rubber strap for a stylish leather or classic strap for social and formal engagements.

The strap fits tightly to keep the watch on your wrist and provide the heart rate monitor enough contact with the body to take accurate readings. The Ionic has a 1.42-inch LCD touchscreen display which provides a clear and bright screen to check the time and your daily stats. The screen is protected by a gorilla glass and is visible in the blazing sunlight or stark darkness.

The clock face can be customized, and you can also personalize the statistics shown by the watch. The whole casing, sensors and antennae were put together using nano-molding technology to create a compact and lightweight smartwatch that is comfortable and stylish.

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Health Features

The Ionic features an improved PurePulse heart monitor that measures the heart rate all day long. It also comes with the SpO2 sensor which helps to monitor the level of oxygen in the blood. Fitbit says that these sensors can help detect sleep apnea and hypoxia, a condition in which there is less than enough oxygen in the blood.

Both conditions are dangerous, and many people have these problems without knowing. By measuring sleep pattern, arterial defibrillation, and blood oxygen level, Fitbit Ionic will help users detect signs of apnea and hypoxia, increasing their chances of seeking treatment on time.

Fitness Features

Fitbit Ionic tracks most fitness workouts and activities. The watch automatically tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and active time. It will remind you to move after every hour of inactivity. Ionic also has many fitness modes. It can detect workouts and activities such as Run, Swim, Bike, Weight, Treadmill and so on. The Fitbit Ionic comes with Fitbit Coach which is a personalized fitness training coach that provides over 40 workouts that you can listen to or follow via the screen.

Fitbit Radio also provides seven stations you can listen to for fitness and health advice. In addition to this, Ionic has Guided Breathing to help you enjoy some moments of calm using personalized breathing lesson based on your heart rate. Ionic automatically detects sleep and will measure your Light, Deep, and REM sleep to show you the level of restlessness or restfulness you attained while sleeping.

App and Integration

The Fitbit App Gallery is a platform where you can download third-party apps to your Ionic. The gallery contains apps such as Pandora, Starbucks, and Accuweather. In addition to this, Fitbit Pay allows you to make contactless payments from your credit cards via the onboard NFC on the Ionic. The service supports credit cards from major banks, and more are still being added.

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The Fitbit app allows you to sync your Ionic with a smartphone to view detailed stats of your activities and sleep. You can also connect with other users and motivate, encourage, and compete with each other. There are badges to be won and many milestones to reach.

The Ionic is waterproof to depths of 50 meters and also detects swimming automatically, counting the number of laps and calories burned during your swims. It comes with GPS to help you map your runs while providing your pace, distance, and elevation data.


The Fitbit Ionic provides four days of battery life on a single charge.  With GPS, you will get 10 hours of battery life. The Ionic comes with a magnetic charger.

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