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Step Up Your Workout With The Fitbit Ionic

  Read this Amazon five star review about the Fitbit Ionic: I labored over the decision to get a Fitbit Ionic or an Apple Watch. I even borrowed borrowed my wife’s Apple Watch for 2 weeks. Ultimately I realized that the software experience around fitness for the Apple Watch is severely lacking. You’ll love the Ionic if you’re a runner, swimmer or generally enjoy tracking your fitness closely. This includes activity, GPS, heart rate and sleep.   Also, the sleep tracking is something the Apple Watch will never be able …

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Fitbit ionic picture

Why You Are Better Off Buying the Fitbit Ionic

Click here to get today’s best Fitbit Ionic price at Amazon. Have you ever owned a smartwatch and fitness tracker in one device? There are a lot of smart watches with some fitness tracking features, but they usually give half measures. It’s either an activity tracker or a smartwatch. But the Fitbit Ionic combines these features and combines them most excellently. Coming in a stylish body that will go for any occasion, the Ionic is Fitbit’s entry into the A-list of superior smart watches. What you should expect in the …

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